What is Yoopee?

Yoopee is a mini games app that has a reward system that makes it even more fun. For every game match you win, you will be rewarded with in-app currency (yoopees). These yoopees can be exchanged for fabulous prizes in real life.

What are the yoopees?

Yoopees are the in-app currency (point system) representing the user's earnings. You earn yoopees by playing games (mini games / puzzles games) from the Games screen. When the user accumulates a certain amount of yoopees, they can be redeemed for real-life prizes. The primary objective of the user is to accumulate the greatest amount of yoopees in order to redeem items from the Rewards screen.

Why were yoopees deducted from my account?

Yoopee reserves the right to reverse yoopees earned invalidly or fraudulently. In case our system detects misuse of the app to obtain yoopees illegally, not only the yoopees will be reverted from your balance but also all rewards requests will be rejected.

What Reward Options does Yoopee provide?

Although we are constantly looking for new reward options, currently we only support Tether (USDT). Tether is a widely used stablecoin in the world of cryptocurrencies. For more information, visit its official website https://tether.to.

How can I redeem a Reward?

All rewards can be redeemed on the Rewards screen. Each reward has a certain value in yoopees, and you need to accumulate at least that amount of yoopees in order to redeem the reward. Once you accumulate the necessary amount of yoopees, simply tap the reward you wish to redeem and fill out the required info. For example, for Tether (USDT), paste your Tron20 address. Please make sure that the address entered belongs to the Tron20 network, in case you have entered an address belonging to another network, this could cause the loss of your reward. Yoopee will not be held responsible for the loss of a reward due to an incorrect address.

How long does it take to receive a Reward?

All rewards are processed according to the NET 60 terms. This means that rewards will be processed 60 days after they are requested.

Can I use multiple Yoopee accounts?

No, only one account per individual is allowed.

Can I use my account on multiple devices?

No, your account can only be linked to one device at a time. Using multiple devices violates our Terms of Service and can lead to an account restriction.

Why is my account restricted/banned?

If your account was restricted or banned, it is because you have engaged in one of the following prohibited behaviors, in violation of our Terms of Service:

  1. Fraudulent use of VPN or proxy, or using a fake IP address by other means.
  2. Spamming: a) posting Referral Code in Google Play review, in violation of Google Play Store b) sending excessive phony invites with no activities from invitees. Please note that you will only be rewarded for active invitees.
  3. Fraudulent use of multiple devices per account or multiple accounts per device. Please note that you can only use one account per device.
  4. Use of special programs to manipulate app behavior and other attempts to hack or crack the app.
  5. Any malicious attempts to disrupt the normal operation of Yoopee.

See our Terms of Service for full list of infractions

The penalties for violating the Terms of Service can include any of the following:

  • Deduction of yoopees for any unfair earnings.
  • Restricting access to certain features.
  • Temporary ban on the account, for moderate violations.
  • Permanent Ban and forfeiture of any earnings, for severe violations.

If you feel that you have done nothing wrong or want to plead your case, please give us your name and Referral Code and we will review your case.

Why was my Reward/Payout rejected?

Upon breaching our Terms of Service, your reward payout will be rejected. You must refrain from prohibited behavior such as using a VPN, or other fraudulent means. Please see our Terms of Service for a full list of infractions.

How can I help make Yoopee better?

We take all user feedback seriously, and we always strive to make Yoopee the best rewards app available. If you have any suggestions or would like to report a problem, feel free to reach out to us via email. You can contact us at support@yoopee.net.